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The cosmetic chair is the basic piece of furniture in every salon, which is why the Estilo wholesaler offers you a wide range of models and colours. Each model differs in specification, so no matter what salon you run, you will find a cosmetic chair tailored to your needs. Our furniture is ideal for beauty salons, wellness salons or tattoo studios. The elegance, comfort and functionality that characterizes any cosmetic chair available in our warehouse will certainly appeal to customers, and at the same time facilitate the work of beauticians. A properly selected cosmetic chair is a significant facilitation of the work performed, ensuring its comfort and stress-free conditions, and this, as a result, translates into a higher quality of service. On our website you will find:

  • standard cosmetic chair, which due to its most basic design is associated primarily with reliability.
  • hydraulic cosmetic chair, having manual adjustment of the backrest angle and height.
  • electric cosmetic chair, which is by far the most convenient to operate. Just press the button to adjust its height or backrest angle.

Cosmetic chair - standard, hydraulic or electric

All the seats available from us have been selected from the offer of the best manufacturers of cosmetic furniture, present in salons both in Poland and in other countries. When choosing products from our warehouse, you can be sure of their durability and high standard of workmanship.